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Start with a strong subject line that’s clear and concise.

Introduce yourself, who you are, where you live, and share a bit about your personal connection to the places, plants and animals you love.

Acknowledge the Minister’s appreciation of the scale of the problem, and her readiness to take action to turn things around.

Mention ECoCeQ’s intervention, and remind her of the impact she can have by reconsidering these coal and gas proposals for their impact on living wonders. You could say things like: 

  • We stand with ECoCeQ and urge you to answer the question: what will new coal and gas proposals like Narrabri, North West Shelf, Valeria and Clive Palmer’s Alpha North mean for the state of our environment?   
  • ECoCeQ’s message is clear: listen to the science, which warns of the threat these proposals pose to threatened species, our iconic reefs and wetlands, and countless other Matters of National Environment Significance – and act.
  • Minister, you have the power to protect all of our living wonders. I urge you to listen ECoCeQ’s request and assess the impact of climate change on the plants, animals and places we love – and how significant the dangers are to them posed by more coal and gas. 

Be respectful. It’s going to take all of us to write a better future – and that means we lead with compassion, accountability and shared understanding.